Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dear Mr. President,

May 11, 2011

I realize you and your staff may have been distracted lately so I want to bring your attention to a stealthy danger to you and our country. More and more Republican governed states are passing laws to restrict who can vote in elections. Wisconsin GOP is so desperate to restrict who can vote that it is pushing the law through the legislature as if it were an emergency bill. This would be a good time to have Attorney General Holder stop chasing little medical marijuana shops and start looking into voter rights violations. And start soon because Goodling's leftover Bushies will do all they can to slow you down.

To keep the GOP from knowing you are on to them, I suggest you declare an end to your shitty little war in Afghanistan. It would totally distract the GOP and it would be no loss to our country. The real loss is continuing your shitty little war.

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