Friday, February 24, 2012

Dear Mr. President

February 24, 2012 Ten years on and our military has not yet figured out that we shouldn't burn a Koran. It gets the natives all worked up. You did right by expressing regrets but they are still worked up. It is unequivocally time to get out of Afghanistan. We gain nothing by staying, we only lose more lives and money that we need at home. End the travesty now, sir!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Mr President

February 7, 2012 NO MORE COMPROMISE on birth control. The church insistence on abusing their employees is a dire violation of my religious principles. Your position does not require anybody to violate what they truly believe. It does require their various institutions that receive public money & benefits treat their employees like adults. In this election year, please stop acting like a craven coward. Tell the Republicans to stuff it! And tell those baby raping bishops to remember they are in America and not some third world theocracy. For America's sake sir, be a man.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear Mr. President

February 6, 2012 I am confused. On the one hand you are tightening sanctions on Iran when they are not the threat to the region that our supposed friends in Israel. Iran is only a theocracy, Israel is a theocratic kleptocracy that obeys no laws and really does have nuclear weapons. And speaking of sanctions, why are you so eager to loosen sanctions on the main prepetrators of the massive real estate fraud that so damaged our country and still drags down the economy because there has been no real accountability. So I guess my confusion is because I can not understand why, in an election year, you have such important things ass backwards. Please Sir, straighten up and fly right.