Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dear Mr. President

August 14, 2011

Those of your advisers who currently tell you to worry about the deficit should be fired immediately. They are doing you no good. People may worry about the deficit because they have no jobs. JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. If you were to show some leadership and fight for any and all jobs programs your Democratic allies in the Congress could put forth, you could win re-election on your own and not with a protest vote against Republican anarchy.

And another thing that is more important to real people than the deficit. End your shitty little war in Afghanistan now, Karzai has stolen enough money to pay for his own merc army if he needs protection. And remember, we have already paid for it, we don't need to continue paying.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dear Mr. President

August 12, 2011

What a quaint idea, having the voters scold the Republican/Teabaggers into supporting you. Why not be a Leader and give us some targets to concentrate our efforts? Scattershot efforts at all who get in range won't have the necessary effect.

And speaking of leadership, how about declaring an end to your shitty little war in Afghanistan. Just think how many good Americans would still be alive if you had done so when you took office instead of listening to the Big Brass Assholes in the Pentagon. It sure would be nice if you would conciliate the voting public on this one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dear Mr. President

August 10, 2011

I have been reading a number of pundits lately criticizing your lack of leadership and even detailing that lack. If you really are trying to get re-elected, don't you think YOU should be the one setting the narrative? If you continue to let others define you and then reinforce those definitions by what you say and do, you will have an uphill battle to re-up in 2012.

On the leadership front how about stopping this 2 more years in Iraq nonsense. You will just waste more money and US lives for no purpose. And speaking of no purpose, your shitty little war has long passed its reason to be. And when your field commanders have been there so long they have forgotten the lessons of previous wars. The commanders who sent a Chinook helo into a hot LZ need to be thrown out of the Army. It is time to end your shitty little war in Afghanistan before you waste more money and lives.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dear Mr. President

August 6, 2011
Congratulations, 31 Americans dead for no good reason in your shitty little war in Afghanistan. What a way to celebrate your birthday, ripping the hearts out of 31 families. Hope you enjoyed your birthday. Perhaps next year you can celebrate by giving back to the country the $Billions you are currently pissing away in your shitty little war.

One more thing sir, could you please tell the big brass assholes in the Pentagon to stop trying to force Iraq to ask us to stay. If Iraq needs training they can hire private contractors. If Iraq needs protection they can hire mercs. We don't need to waste any more in that country.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dear Mr. President

August 3, 2011

While you were busy with the debt ceiling, the Imperialist faction in your government has forced the Iraqi government to discuss inviting the US military to stay in Iraq for an unknown longer term. Please stop these talks now and just bring all the troops home. If the Iraqis need protection or training, let them hire Blackwater or some other merc organization. Most of them are ex-US military anyway.

It is bad enough you chose to own the shitty little war in Afghanistan, don't let the same thing happen in Iraq. We don't need no stinking empire.