Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dear Mr President

I received a solicitation for money from your organization. In the past I have supported you but this time I must decline. I am on Social Security and soon will qualify for Medicare. I have paid into the plans for both all my working life with the anticipation of a return at the time of my retirement. Now you are negotiating with our homegrown Taliban, the GOP to reduce the benefits of these programs for no good reason. Sure you say you are working to strengthen the programs but you know that's a lie and so does the rest of America. So be it. However as long as you are planning to take earned benefits away from me, I must withhold such funds as I can give to you. I will need it to pay for your "improvements". And I do wish I was in a position to slash your retirement benefits and reduce your healthcare but that is not the way the world turns. I do hope you sleep poorly at night, it is no more than you deserve.

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