Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dear Mr. President

June 4, 2011

Various Republicans have recently stated that they will willingly destroy the economy of the United States if you don't give them everything they want in the budget. Your first sign they were not serious about negotiating should have been when they took tax increases off the table. This would be a very good time to tell the GOP that all budget negotiations will cease until they pass a clean debt limit bill. And don't forget the PR blitz to inform the public of Republican efforts to damage out country for cheap political points. You said you were a good negotiator, now is the time to prove that you won't always give away the store.

And as long as you are doing what is right, how about ending your shitty little war in Afghanistan. It kills too many Americans for no good reason and it costs too much. Retire those people who want us to stay and put your own people in place, finally.

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